Riding the White Horse Home: A Western Family Album

by Teresa Jordan

In 1887, Teresa Jordan’s great grandfather bought a ranch in the Iron Mountain country of southeast Wyoming. Four generations later, her father sold it, under the economic pressure that have made ranching a dying way of life. Telling the stories of generations of women and men who coped with physical hardship and killing loneliness in a landscape at once beautiful and inhospitable, this superbly evocative book is both a family chronicle and a eulogy for family agriculture.

“Spellbinding. The emotional scope of Jordan’s prose is as vast as the ranch she grew up on — succoring one moment, shattering the next.”
— Seattle Times

“Riding the White Horse Home is really a story of people beautifully written in evocative prose and without literary cliche. Jordan’s clear voice, as fresh as the endless Wyoming wind, carries the rich scent of life lived to the fullest despite all the hardships. [It] is a joy to read and reread. Full of humor and compassion, sorrow and pain, anecdotes, diary entries and descriptions, it glows like the gilded edge of a cloud at sunset.”
— Bloomsbury Review

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