Cowgirls: Portraits of American Ranch Women

The cowgirls in this documentary are modern-day women aged 6 to 60 who ride, rope and tough out the elements just as well as their more famous cowboy counterparts.

The film spans three generations, telling the real life stories of two women and two little girls. It begins with Norma Hapgood of Nevada, a 60-year-old rancher who faces life with a smile and boundless energy. The film then moves to Wyoming, where Melody Harding, age 34, works as the foreman for a large cattle operation. A private, vigorous person, Harding prefers the company of animals to that of people, and endures many hours of strenuous ranchwork alone. Next we meet two young ranch daughters, Cricket and Nondi Long, ages 9 and 6, who take pride in the strength and abilities they learn on their parents’ ranch in Oregon.

Produced and directed by former cowgirl Nancy Kelly and written by Teresa JordanCowgirls presents inspiring, positive role models for women of all ages from every type of background. The film is about women who are living their own “dream-come-true” existences. It inspires both women and men to pursue their own dreams.

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